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Who are we?

Geek+ is a global technology company specialized in smart logistics. We apply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations.

With the rise of e-commerce and the demand for a faster and more flexible movement of goods, warehouse and manufacturing operators are facing increasingly complex production and logistic challenges today.

Geek+ was founded to be the solution to these problems. We make logistics affordable, efficient, flexible, safe, and agile. Our vision is to establish a fully automated and intelligent supply chain globally.




Geek+ Office Locations



Geek+ America, Inc.

2051 Palomar Airport Rd Suite 105

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Ph: +1 (404) 406-3961



Geek+ Europe

5F, Niederklasseler Lohweg 18, 40547

Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf DE

Ph: +49 211 53829033



Geek+ Hong Kong

Unit 1301-1309, Tower 2,

Kowloon Commerce Centre,

Kwai Chung,

Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3462 2128



Geek+ Singapore

3 Tampines Central 1 ,#07-01,

Tampines Plaza 1, S529540

Ph: +852 3462 2128



Geek+ Japan

Yebisu Garden Place Tower,

26F 4‐20‐3Ebisu Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo, Japan 150‐6026

Ph: +81 03ー5422ー1420



Geek+ Korea

10F Digital Cube BD, 34,

Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu,

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Ph: +82 10 9588 2593


Corporate HQ



No. 30, Beiyuan Road, D Block, 7th Fl

Chaoyang District, Beijing 

Ph: +86 4000 450 010